Alternate Character Sheets

The lack of lines to write on for many things and the tiny spaces for some others makes the official BWG character rather ill-suited to my disgraphia-afflicted chicken scratch. Adobe wants to scale the sheet down 6% despite plenty of white space to compound the problem. Are there any other character sheets around? Google hasn’t turned up anything, at least not in the first few pages of results.

I used the official character sheet to make a 6-page double-sided BWG character booklet that prints out onto an A4 booklet if that’s any good to you. It can be found here.

I like having more space for some things on that sheet. I’ll keep that PDF in case I ever get my hands on some A4 paper.

It still doesn’t solve the (IMO) crippling flaws of the original, though. A label floating in a blank white space isn’t very usable, especially when there’s hardly any space. Reputations and affiliations are the worst example. I can barely squeeze in vague listings like “1d inf noblity” and it looks terrible on the sheet.

This is my favorite BW sheet:


I use the second one, and you only have to change the F fist weapon speed to 3. There is enough space for Affiliations and Reputations, and almost everything you need.

Agreed, I look at the character sheet and every time I think “why are these 2 sheets per page? Why not make each sheet take up an entire letter size sheet?” Surely someone has created a version of these character sheets that is “blown up” to be larger?

Perhaps I might take a stab at it. That would not be breaking any rules right?

Go for it! Lots of people have made character sheets. Check out the wiki, under “downloads”. (Although, for some reason, nobody has posted a Gold character sheet to the wiki yet, although it’s easy enough to convert from Revised.)

There are a couple full page sheets there, the ones by John Anderson. If you use them, note that Perception isn’t open-ended anymore.

In my case such sheet would feel uncomfortable. Too many pages. The way it is, in the Wiki you can read: “Print it double-sided, fold it and staple it along the binding.” I like a lot my little booklet sheet. :slight_smile:

hello,im newbie of this forum.

I think a full redesign to a standard 2 page letter size sheet is what should ideally be done, but I do like your booklet more than the official sheet. I’d try designing a sheet myself, but I haven’t had a chance to play BWG yet to get an idea how the sheet would be best laid out.

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I just did a kinda redesign, using A4 width for writing in BITs on a character sheet supplement. Link’s over in the Character Burner forum.