Alternate Infection: Revolution

So, I’ve been playing a lot of the new Red Faction videogame recently, and the idea of a game about a worldwide revolution against an oppressive regime really strikes a spark with me, and I think BE would be a pretty good fit.

But BE as written is about fending off an invading alien force. I want something about throwing off the yoke of your overseers.

Here’s my hacks:

Infection is now Revolution. The phases of Revolution are Organization, Mobilization, and Revolution.

When making the world, the rebels get Disposition based on the standard Vaylen Disposition for the corresponding phases. The authority gets disposition for the standard human disposition.

The primary government is the Authority, whoever the rebels are rebelling against. Pick another faction to be the rebel faction. The players get that dispostion automatically.

No Vaylen in the stories. (And no need to pick Planetary Attitude towards Vaylen. Maybe there should be some sort of other Planetary Attitude instead.) Kerrn and Mukhadi at the players’ option.

Thoughts? Any good things to add here?

i find that BE games often involve some type of revolt, rebellion etc. you don’t really need to change anything, just make the ‘Vaylen-side’ the ruling power of the planet. one of their Figures of Note would be the Duke/Lord Steward or whatever. players will rebel. it’s in their nature.

you also don’t have to have actual Vaylen in the game. color it as they are trying to take over the planet top down, and the human side is trying to revolt.

or, (something i’ve always wanted to try), the Vaylen are in charge of the planet. play out the Kerrn/Human revolt. everyone is a Vaylen, the world is a Void World the Vaylen use as a staging ground. the humans are rebels on the ground, the Vaylen walk around lving out their parody of human life. humans are the minority. would be really cool to play out.

also, check out the Jihad rules for BW. it might be more applicable setting for your rebellion idea.