Alternate Mouse Guard Conflict Cards, and Missions

Hello All, I have been having a lot of Fun with The Mouse Guard RPG, and I wanted to share what I have been using to help other GM’s.

First I have an alternate Set of Conflict Cards. Mainly I made these to have a set of cards that were in sets of three so it was possible (if unlikely) to script up to three of the same actions.

Also I wanted to share the two missions that have made up my Spring Season.
Mission 1 - Wash Out
Mission 2 - Boarder Guard

My home group is going through our Summer Season, and once they are done with that I will post that mission Arc.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Heya, Spaz. Welcome to the forums! Make sure you put this post under the stickied post which contains all the conflict card stuff so we keep that all together.