Alwyn the Disciple

Alwyn the Disciple

Stock: Human
Class: Cleric
Age: 23
Home: Bustling Metropolis (to be named)
Raiment: A silver holy symbol shaped like an ouroboros.
Parents: n/a
Mentor: Jaina the Dungeoneer
Friend: Samwise the Steward
Enemy: Brigmore the Acolyte (Human Cleric)
Level: 1
Alignment: Chaos
Belief: It’s not what I can do for the Gods, but what the Gods can do for me.
Goal: I will drive out whatever darkness fouled this place, so the Gods owe me a favor.
Instinct: Always check for traps.
Abilities: Will 4, Health 4, Nature 5, Circles 4, Resources 0
Nature: Boasting, Demanding, Running
Skills: Ritualist 4, Theologian 3, Fighter 2, Healer 2, Scholar 1, Haggler 4, Manipulator 2, Dungeoneer 2
Wise: Thug-wise
Traits: Touched by the Gods, Foolhardy



Neck: holy symbol

Worn: father’s gold ring (1D treasure)
Carried: flail
Carried: shield

Worn: leather
Worn: backpack
Worn: (backpack)

Pouch: tinderbox
Weapon: flail
Skin: wine

Feet: shoes

preserved rations
preserved rations
large sack
torches (4)

NATURE ANSWERS: Boast, Demand, Quest for treasure

CIRCLES ANSWERS: Has a friend, no parents, has a mentor, has an enemy


There’s not a lot to say about him yet. Grew up in the temples, was pushed out when he got a bit older. He’s had sort of a mercenary, ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ relationship with the Gods ever since. They don’t mind too much, as Alwyn does not believe in free lunch, and always works hard for his payoff.