The land of Amstdam were settled hundreds of years ago by the civilized races. Great ruins litter the countryside, huge edifices, towers and arches lie in waste, smashed and long burned to skeletal remains. Presumably they once reached high into the heavens, tall enough to blot out the sun. Having fallen down on top of one another, they form several spines of stone and twisted metal that form impassable areas known locally as the Fallen Mountains.

The island of Ha’ttan is situated between two rivers: the East River and the River Hud. In the center is the elven sanctuary of Onassis, easily seen but not so easily entered due to the dense woods enclosing and protecting it. Bridges connects Ha’ttan to Brookingsburg and Staria. Other bridges once connected the island to other areas, such as the Barrens of Jurz’ and the orcish strongholds of Habök have long since fallen into ruin and allowed to fall into the sea to protect the island from intruders.

A peaceful green place of lakes, ponds, gardens, arches, bridges and fountains in the center of the ruins, bordered on all four sides by the industry of dwarves and men. The Palace of Met, the queen, lies on the eastern edge while the astronomer-king’s palace and observatory sits on the western edge.

Grand Hall
Grand Hall is a mighty dwarven stronghold and locus of the Underway, an elaborate system of tunnels that runs beneath Amstdam. The Central Hall is where the dwarven king holds court and also where the banners of the dwarven lords hang. A large clock is kept here to track the passage of time and overhead, a map of the heavens gifted to the dwarves by the elves of Onassis on the king’s 200th birthday. The dwarves themselves are scattered throughout Amtsdam and work tirelessly to secure, maintain and tax the entrances and tunnels of the Underway.

Hughes’ Folly
The area known as Hughes’ Folly sits between the Elflands of Onassis and the dwarven halls. There rises up from the ruins a mighty cathedral hewn of marble stone and brick rises hundreds of feet into the air. The monks of the Holy Order of Sainted Padraic live and work in this building and thousands of men worship the Lords of Light and Death. Outside the cathedral, a statue of the Bearer of Worlds, one of the old gods of the city, lies in ruins.

Towers of Fu-Shing
The wizards of Corona reside in the towers of Fu-Shing, two bizarre and ancient structures made of rusting metal and stone that rise more than 200 feet in the air. Nearby, the walled hamlet of Shea supports a small but vital village of farmers and adherent’s to the wizard’s unknown agenda.

Remote villages abound in Amstdam. On the island of Ha’ttan are East and West Ha’lem, situated far to the north past Onassis and south of the Yan Key River that protects Ha’ttan from a monstrous beast known only as The Broncks. This creature is feared by the villagers but appears to be a legend and nothing more. Still, few dare to venture north of the Yan Key.

Across the East River is the halfling settlement of Brooksburg. These little fellows sport extravagant mustaches, handmade clothing in archaic styles and artisanal wares much sought after by the elite of Ha’ttan. It wills soon be that humans from Ha’ttan will occupy Brooksburg, threatening the halflings’ peaceful way of life.

The Stagnant Isle
An island accessible by ferry from Ha’ttan to the Stagnant Island will convey daring adventurers for a price. But be warned: this is a strange and dangerous land of beasts and dragons. Rising from the waves, a shrine to the Lady Fortune is here, half-destroyed by the dragonfire of the ancient wyrm Verrizzon—her torch remains a beacon to those in search of gold and glory.

Clever girl. Where’s the map?

You can ask for a free one from the dwarves. It’s in their interest to let you know the geography that they want you to know about…

For +1 to your lifestyle cost your can download a map of AMSTDAM to your traveling spellbook.

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I keep thinking Ryker’s Dungeon should be a salt mine…

I totally forgot Warriors’ Road, the great highway that runs from the Broncks’ lair down to the south of AMTSDAM.

I hear the raiders of Habök are known to hack ‘n’ sack their neighbors.

Oh, man. Nuork.

I suddenly had a flashback to my England After setting (BW). The east half of the isle is covered with forest, including London. A north-south river marks the western edge of the forest.

The elves that live there are actually mutated humans, immortal from their exposure to The Shattering. Their grief stems from the memory of What Was. In their forest, sorcery works but warps and bites the caster, as the human settlers that arrived on the west shore discovered the hard way.

Toss in dwarves in the Highlands, and semi-benign forest trolls, a fragile peace, and that was about it.