An Explosive Game of Krazzik!

So, there is material in the Lore Master Manual I never dreamed I would actually use.

I’m GMing a party of a Scefing Skald, Græling warrior, Elven Ranger, and (absent from this adventure) a secretly Sakki Sorcerer.

So there the first three of them are, sneaking into a kobold infested cave (from a certain published adventure) and they trigger a pit trap. To get around it, they fill it and carry on. They come around and find 6 kobolds ready and waiting for them, but our Skald, Bjorn, always looks for a way out of fights (fight smart and get out quick is his belief). So he looks around and notices the dirt rug with polished bones on it and does a scholar test to deduce what this is.

Kreazzik! The “intricate” goblin gambling game.

So he pulls out a purse and shakes it pointing at the rug. The kobolds decide this would be a hilarious turn, so they let him play.

I never thought I would use the rules. It’s a goofy game (the rules a riot to read) and can go on forever. One of the rules suggests that the game ends when someone has all the money or only one is left alive. I had the skald play for himself and let the other two players play as the two kobolds playing. Every time a kobold rolled poorly, I rolled a die of fate to decide if he/she would erupt in anger.

Unfortunately (for some) the kobold that lost his cool was a male who had a bomb. He flung the coins and dice all over and chucked a bomb out. Everyone dived for cover, one kobold didn’t survive. 4 dived out of the way and collapsed into heaps of giggles.

Our quick thinking skald reached into the pouch of the dead kobold and found a bomb. He lit that, and tossed it into the bag of the intact kobold who was scurrying for the coins.

BOOM! Another kobold ended a little worse for wear. The 4 kobolds on the ground couldn’t hold it together and rolled on the ground in tears and laughter.

Definitely not the outcome I had expected to ever come out of Torchbearer.

This game never ceases to surprise me with the way the stories twist and turn. So thank you to whoever insisted on including such a ridiculous dice game like krazzik… Because we actually used it…


That’s amazing! I love it.


Paging Doctor @Jared.


I love play reports like this always get my own imagination for my home games brewing.

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You madman. :boom:


This is not the first time my sanity has been questioned…

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