An Explosive Question

Which skills should be used to create gunpowder in B.W.G.?
Can different character types use different skill sets to make their gunpowder, or is there only one way to do it?
Are there any special rules to bear in mind for a campain just starting out in the explosive eras?
Mixing magic and munitions in the same game.

Munitions is the skill that covers powder, bombs, and making firearms. The rules suggest that you’re in the early era of black powder, with arquebuses. Include pistols and muskets if you want to move a little bit later.

Thanks, (I don’t think I ever saw it beforehand) I am trying my hand at “Burning Fable” where magic and firearms coexist and “Heroes” are trained by the guild masters (gangs and crew along with rent for membership).
It should be an easy Burn and a good fit for BWG.