Anatomy of Injury help

I’ve been searching over here and reading that chapter a couple time already and I always feel like im doing something wrong in the healing/recovery/first aid/treatment/health test procedure to heal wounds after being injured.

1-Under a midi wound, seems easy as you do a health test then it takes care of itself. You can do a treatment before to add MoS. Is that right?

2-Midi up gets weird somehow since theres two different tables recovery and treatment. So what am I supposed to do? Stop the bleeding first? I wonder because in the Failed health test section it says your bleeding has been stopped…what does it means? No need for stopping the bleeding? all I do is the health test?

Also, I’ve seen in a GM reference booklet that is legit for everything else, a First aid rule that doesn’t seem to be in BWG…what is First aid?

Can someone provide me with a simple str8 to da point easy step by step procedure on how to deal with wound recovery? I really feel like im doing it wrong.

Thanks a lot for your support!

  1. Correct. Successful treatment adds advantage dice to the Health test for recovery. Superficial and light wounds offer no lasting threat of harm, just temporary inconvenience.

  2. BWG p495 describes what happens when you fail one or both tests. If you fail treatment for a midi, one die in an appropriate stat is permanently lost, but the bleeding stops; you then roll for recovery as normal, risking the loss of another die. You cannot die of a midi wound as long as someone makes an attempt to treat it; even failed treatment rolls will stop the bleeding at the cost of that stat die.

For anything worse than midi, you must succeed at treatment or the character is still bleeding to death. Use your judgment about when you shouldn’t Let It Ride and can allow another shot at treatment. Often this requires a much better person to offer treatment in better circumstances—which means someone has to temporarily stop the bleeding to get the poor wounded guy there.

“Stop the Bleeding” rules are not treatment. They’re for when you can’t provide adequate treatment and need to buy time to get to someone/somewhere that can. These obs are just ways to pause the bleeding clock for one scene. Remember that midi and worse wounds all bleed and become worse. A midi can’t kill you, though it can result in permanent loss of stats… but a midi will “bleed” and worsen into a severe wound, which can. That’s why you need to either treat (failing still stops it) or stop the bleeding until you can treat. For severe and worse, the wound will keep bleeding into worse wounds until they become mortal and kill you. That’s how wounds kill in BW: you have some time, but if you don’t treat them they will worsen until you die.

Even if you succeed at treatment, if you fail the recovery roll for midi or worse, you suffer the permanent stat losses equal to half the wound dice.

I think the first aid rules are “stop the bleeding” rules from BWR, but I’m not positive.

Thanks man it helps. So I guess you basically stop the bleeding to stop the midi to become severe before you get a doctor or someone who can reach that high level ob. for a treatment wich will allow the wound to heal over time and recover dice…

Yes. Although the oddity with a midi is that you can fail the treatment test and it still won’t get worse. You want to stop the bleeding so you can get to a good enough doctor to prevent stat loss. If there’s no such doctor in reasonable distance it’s better to Beginner’s Luck and botch the treatment than have it become severe and then botch the treatment. Weird but true!

With a compound fracture (a reasonably midi wound, it’s bad but not life threatening now, but it’s going to get worse in a hurry), it’s better to screw up snapping it back into place than it is waiting a while to find a doctor.