Another new guy here

Hello, folks!

I decided to get the Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set after hearing a lot of good things about it. As usual, I have a couple questions about the rules and setting:

  1. Is it possible for a Guardmouse to fight with his bare paws?

  2. What about fighting with two weapons, like what Lieam did with a sword and dagger during Midnight’s siege on Lockhaven?

  3. What skill is used for playing musical instruments, like flutes and mandolins?

I appreciate any answers you have for me!


1.) Sure, but he doesn’t get any dice for appropriate gear. Also, the player needs to describe his character’s actions appropriately.

2.) Not sure. I think this has been brought up before, but I don’t have a link.

3.) Orator, probably with help from an appropriate wise. Focus on what the mouse wants to accomplish with his playing.

A mouse certainly will fight without weapons. If you’ve got a player dead set on the idea of a kung fu mouse with lightning fast fists, you might have to consider a custom weapon borrowing a property of another weapon.

A mouse certainly can fight with two weapons, but might not see the advantage. There are two things to keep in mind: the second weapon doesn’t grant a second attack nor an extra 1D, and before each set of three actions in a Fight or Figth Animal conflict, the player must declare which weapon is being used for those three actions gains only the associated benefits and penalties of that weapon for those actions (but he’ll probably be sharing actions in the conflict with other patrolmates to mitigate that issue).

Imagine this example, in the first set of actions, Ted declares he is using the Shield and is given the Defend action; that is beneficial. During the second set of actions, Ted declares he is using the Sword and is given the Feint action; he can apply the property of Sword to Feint and gain that benefit. Some fights would be done there, and some might take more rounds of three actions. In each, Ted declares his readied weapon and the patrolmates decide who take which action.

Orator and a music or instrument related wise is a perfect match for performance or playing. However, a secondary question is: What is the challenge being faced and is there a result of failure?

Fighting with two weapons was addressed here

Thanks for all the answers!