Another printing of Torchbearer coming?

Torchbearer is listed as out of stock. Is there another printing coming?

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I’m also interested in knowing if another printing is coming as I would like to buy it.

@professork Hey Prof K, there hasn’t been any announcements regarding further printings of Torchbearer, but even with it being out of print, there are still soft cover copies available from the Burning Wheel store -

Its sold out, mate. Hopefully a revised second edition is on its way.

+1 for additional printing, wishlisted on store site as well but understand it is a numbers game.

SO I ended up buying he PDF and then doing a one off print at LuLu.

Total caost with shipping from LuLu for a stitch bound hardcover, color cover, black and white book was $21.53

I made a cover based on the front cover art on the web. Its not overly fancy but here is a picture. I have the cover as a PDF ready for Lulu if anyone needs it.


Hey professork,

Could you send me that PDF?

Thank you.

Sure in PM

My POD just came. Its not quite like a professionally laid out book, but its awfully close. I’m very pleased with the job lulu-express did with it.

Google Photos
Google Photos

The white splotches in the cover photo arent printing errors, they are light reflections from the glossy cover.

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