Anthology Printing Issue

I received my copy of the Burning Wheel Anthology yesterday and I’m loving all of the content. Many thanks to all involved for the work you’ve done as this will allow me to finally run a game I’ve been stewing on for about 2 years.

However (and I hate to be this guy) there is a printing issue in my copy. It seems all of the even numbered pages suffer from a misaligned printing. The print looks slightly blurred on the left pages compared to the right.


In the image the top is representative of the even numbered pages and the bottom the odd numbered pages.

It largely doesn’t have much of an effect since everything is still legible, but since the page next to it doesn’t have the issue it’s just noticeable enough that I had to clean my glasses, squint, and show it to my wife to make sure it wasn’t just me.


That does appear to be an issue called “misregistration.” We can get you a clean copy, but we might have to wait until the next print run until we have surplus.


Thanks Luke. Quickest response I’ve ever gotten from a creator. This is yet another reason I love doing business with you. No worries on the wait and a blessing on your house for creating these wonderful tomes.


Oh! I didn’t realize it was every left-hand page, but I think I’ve got the same misprint! And I may even have the page that is the culprit!

My camera work is not nearly as good^^;


I got the same issue, down to being left side only, with my copy:

Gotta say, not really seeing a lot there! Maybe a faint halo? Certainly not unreadable.

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Hey, sorry, with my home country bombed I was distracted a bit.

It is certainly readable Luke, but jarring nonetheless. I’ll try to take a better picture some time later.

Alex if there’s anything we can do to support you and yours in Ukraine with BW materials, please say the word.


Thanks Luke! The offer is genuinely appreciated, but I personally have it easy, I reside in Canada for many years now. I know at least a couple of other Ukrainians around the forums, they might take up on it.

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