Anti-psychologist Meds

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We’re tacking this issue in a different manner (specially after reading this very helpful thread itself).
My player is a vaylen traitor, and wants to stay hidden from Psychologists. Since this roll is not a use of the power, but the skill alone, it means it’s a reading of the character’s behaviour, speech, and so on; that if succesful doesn’t provide certainty but a strong suspicion.

So we created amnesia-giving pills: they can’t figure you out if you forget what you are…
The easy ones were simple +3Ob to Psychology reads; but the actual, powerful version are:
+3Ob to Psychology and Interrogation (5), +2D to Falsehood (5) - Obstacle Limitations (6pts.) spread on a few skills that make sense as depending on knowing the guys past (say Vaylen-wise, and the like).

What’s great is that it means that while high on them, he wouldn’t be able to act upon anything that comes from his insider knowledge…
I’m really excited to see where this goes.

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Don’t forget categorical limitations and other things. “Categorical Limitation: Coked to the Gills (can’t use Feint in the Duel of Wits)”, “Categorical Limitation: can’t remember anything from more than a week ago” are both interesting ways to get them cheaper. Also, remember that a) these are going to be limited in quantity (so can be stolen/destroyed/etc), b) getting more will be limited by your Planetary Regulation, and c) will only last for a scene. Also, you might want to make sure your character has an instinct about slugging one down before dealing with folks, otherwise the GM will be waiting for you to slip up.

Also, don’t accept a connection. If you accept a connection, a psychologist will know immediately that there’s something very, very wrong. A psychic duel might also inadvertently give you away.

Sorry for the necroing, you’re right about that.

Those are great suggestions; I’m passing them to the actual player for him to decide. I’m not sure about “limited supply”; I don’t know how in tune with the rules that would be; even ammo and money aren’t counted for. I think that, as long it’s not in an Intent or a concession, then the pills are unlimited for game purposes (For all we know, the PC could’ve smuggled them in a crate a square meter big…).

Of course, the Instinct is already in place, my player had it exactly in mind.

I meant a limited supply in the sense that it’s a thing that can be taken away, not a thing that you run out of from normal use. Also, ammo is tracked at the reload level if it makes sense, for example someone with a side arm and two spare mags can’t continue firing in a mini firefight after failing their third ammo test.

Oh yeah, we’re on the same page then.

Gods I’m so excited about this game! We’ll probably tell how it runs, we’ll be playing it this monday,