Antisocial Magicians?

Hey there! Finally got my copy of Torchbearer 2e (have to say I shouldn’t have waited so long) and I’m working through the books. Just a question:

In “Gather 'Round” it specifies that Magicians must select a mentor (p 37) but in “Arcana” that some magicians have no mentors (p 92). Does this mean that magicians, pulsing with aetheric energy as they may be, cannot be proud loners?

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I suspect the requirement that magicians must select a mentor was a last minute rule change that didn’t get extended to page 92. Magicians without mentors have a hard time because mentors are supposed to give them new spells as level benefits.

It’s not a big deal if you really want your magician to not start with a mentor, but they should prioritize finding a mentor in play immediately.


Could be an interesting adventure hook for a magician…

either way, I’ll be sure to note it

I think the idea is that L1s must start with a mentor but circumstances of play might cause them to lose their mentors.

I recall that we added the must have a mentor rule because writing in the exceptions for L1 magicians without mentors made us weep blood.


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