Any chance Anthology is releasing as PDF?

Hi. This is my first post here, and I couldn’t find a proper subforum for this kind of questions. Sorry if it’s the wrong place.

So, I am looking to buy Burning Wheel Anthology, but as I live in Brazil, the shipping price alone costs USD 30, that is 150% the price of the book! That sums up to too much to pay, dollars are expensive here in Brazil…

Is there any chance Anthology is releasing as a PDF? I would give my soul to be able to buy it.

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For you, Marcos, anything. We’ll send along our black book for you to sign. Once you do, we’ll keep your soul safe for eternity.


Can’t believe it, you actually did it! Thank you very much, it’s already ordered and the book signed.

(Really, thank you for that)


I can’t believe he’s actually gone and done it. Now any chance on an official Burning Wheel PDF? :wink:

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Welcome to the forums!

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Oh, hey! I know you from Reddit :smile:

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Oh no! I’m such an asshole on Reddit!

I recall you as well! It’s good to see ya!

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