Any good existing 1 on 1 demo of BWG?


I will soon GM a 1 on 1 session of BW, really just to test the system and the flow of the game… I was wondering if there is a 1 on 1 somewhere, something, if not designed for, at least playable by beginners of the game?

Thanks in advance!

I was checking the Burning wheel Wiki to see if there is anything out there that fit your needs I will have to admit there are not a lot of premade stuff for Burning Wheel that I have seen so far but this link Scenarios from the wiki.

For example of one on one play out there is from Luke Crane is the Tales of Master Si Juk on the Burning Wheel Forums.

I’m finding it a bit bemusing that there isn’t a better answer to this. As someone comfortable with the rules, I’d be tempted to use a character from the intro scenario, The Sword, and run the other characters myself.

Now, The Sword is essentially a demolition derby scenario, designed to put all four characters into fundamental conflict all at the same time. If the players are reticent, the GM just needs to poke them a little to follow their beliefs, and soon you have a lot of opportunities to try out Duel of Wits and potentially Fight.

As a new GM, though, my guess is that being saddled with nine fully burned NPCs all at the same time is probably just too much noise. I’d be tempted to boil the other characters down to mook levels of complexity.

Let the player choose from the dwarf, human, or elf, and just play the other two as if they had B4 stats in everything, whatever weapon and a bit of armor. The Roden wants payment (his demands is your opening move as GM), then the rest follow with their own demands for the Sword.

Maybe this old Grab a Campaign thread might be useful?

Alright thanks people, I’ve got a couple of good ideas, I think I’ll work something!

Finally, I decided to use my own ideas to run my first BW game session (which lasted for about 8-9 hours). Me and my friend had a really deep and creative time… This game really deliver all these unformulated promises we expect from RPGs. Wow. It just… how can I say it? It just… works. You have to be comited to the game, but once you do,everything just happen organically… Thanks again everyone! Good and merry burnings to you all!