Any interest in a Play-By-Post (PbP) game?

Just trolling for interest, I suppose. I’m really enjoying this game - it’s a great change of pace from the more traditional Pen and Paper games I grew up with. I’d personally love to get a bit more experience under my belt, but my group’s only capable of getting together maybe twice a month. I would really enjoy the opportunity to be a player in someone else’s game: it would help me to familiarize myself with the system, and it would allow me an opportunity to actually play for once (I’m basically always the GM, lol).

Would there be any interest at all in a forum PbP?

I’ve done a game as Play-by-Shared-Doc on google docs. I liked that method, but saw we had trouble keeping up interest in the game from week to week.

One thing I’ve learned is keeping a clear schedule of the posting expectations.

I’m always interested in a play-by style of game. Using the text based environment provides loads of space for narrative. I would be willing to talk about another game. If the interest is low, it might be best to have a Patrol Guard with Guardmouse or Tenderpaw working through semi-independent missions.

Would love to do this. Never done it, and I’m not tech savvy, but if it was a pretty simple concept I’d be all over it. Keep us posted if you do it.

If we could wait for another two weeks i may have time for another game. Not enough time to GM…

I’d be open for ranks but don’t want to play a tenderpaw.

I have a lot of experience both running and playing in PbP games on forums. Because I’m always my group’s GM, online PbP games are essentially the only times I ever get to actually play. I would feel pretty comfortable running a PbP Mouse Guard game for people new to the setting, I think, but not for you guys. I just don’t know the setting as well as other people do (I’ve thumbed through the books, but I’ve never read them). To be totally honest, I bought the Mouse Guard RPG because I thought the art looked amazing, and as I browsed through it, I thought it sounded like a cool system.

I know a bit about Midnight’s Rebellion, the Black Axe, the Winter War, etc. But not enough to run a game for people who’ve read the books, I think.

Also, I’m totally new to the system, with only one game under my belt. One of my primary reasons for wanting to get involved in a PbP MG game is to further familiarize myself with the system, so that I can be a more effective GM.

Otherwise, I’d offer to run the game myself.

I would like to do char generation as a group. Gathering concepts and BI(T)s before everyone goes off and build his mouse. In this way we can build Beliefs that challenge each other.

I would like a peacefull and frightfull mouse from Pebblebrock. Guard Mouse or Patrol Guard i think.

Yes, we shoudl do char gen as a group. I’d like to set a few ground rules if the group wants me to GM. (I’d be happy to play too.)

Do think of a name for your mouse and some simple notes of a concept. It only needs to be 1-3 sentences.

I’d prefer that each character try to connect to similar relationships. By this I mean, maybe Tuk the Bandit is one patrolmate’s Friend, but he is another patrolmate’s Enemy; perhaps Judith the Harvester is one patrolmate’s Senior Artisan, but she is another patrolmate’s Mother. See what I mean? Make relationships that are intertwined.

I don’t mind if you’d like to have a mouse from another settlement (as in, one that is not in the book or supplement), just think of a skill which might best apply and a trait that might best apply. Keep in mind you’ll need to write a little bit about the settlement to illustrate why the skill and trait are associated with that settlement.

I’m interested in a starting time in Summer of 1152. This means that our story begins a season before Midnight’s Rebellion becomes a realistic threat and Midnight’s Army attacks Lockhaven. It also means that we’ll be assuming the group has already been working together for at least Spring, and probably several seasons before.

What do you all say to that?

How much not tech savvy do you mean?

If I tell you that you’ll need to have a google mail account and check a shared document to watch the story grow, would that make perfect sense, or sorta confuse?

How about using an online dice server? It would require an account and you’d have to copy and paste some notes from one page to the shared document.

That sounds great, Ken. And I agree that character generation should be done as a group, for all the reasons you mentioned. Connecting characters via Circles, Friends, Mentors, etc, is a really good idea, too. I would be thrilled if you wanted to GM, frankly. Like I said before, I’d actually love to do it myself, but I’m just not confident yet in my knowledge of the system or the setting to run a game for people that have been playing a while. One of my primary reasons for wanting to do a PbP game is frankly to just become more competent as a GM in my own game.

Is there any reason we couldn’t just run the game here on the forums, rather than in Google Mail? That’s the format I’m most familiar with, but it’s also the most accessible for others. This forum’s fairly active, I’d say. It would be nice for new players to be able to see what an actual game looks like. When I first started getting into Mouse Guard, I looked ALL OVER for an example of play on the Internet, so I could wrap my head around how the game played. To be honest, I couldn’t find much.

As far as online dice rollers go, I can suggest a few good ones. To be honest, though? If I were the GM, I probably wouldn’t even bother. Mouse Guard is a game where failures can be fun. They can even be successes. They introduce twists and compromises and all sorts of really interesting things. We’re even actively encouraged to use traits to hinder our progress, and hurt our own chances of success. So I don’t see much point in using an online die roller, personally. If someone wants to lie about their dice results in a game where failures are just as exciting as successes, then … ?

Because everything is in one document and i can post stuff in your text.

If we would have a dialog we can’t do this in a forum post but can just edit our anwsers into the doc as we see fit. It makes it much more flexible and you can discuss dice rolls in the comment section.

Trust us on this.

I would be interested in either playing Luwik again (just a year before the other stuff happend - don’t worry about canon^^) or play a Scientist Mouse.

We can do it however you guys want to. In my experience, you get around the discussion issue by simply having an Out-of-character thread that runs parallel to the In-character thread. But again, we’ll do it in whatever way you guys think is best. I just thought it would be good to have something public, so that new players could have something to look at and reference.

As far as characters go, I’m fine with anything. Let me know a bit more about the ones you’re interested in, and I can start writing something to compliment it.

I’ve got a dice server in mind that I’ve set up a dcie log in a previous PbSD game. I’d just set up another dice log to use.

Using Luwik again might be a neat trick, though you might feel free to alter relationships a little or skills a bit.

Using google docs is a pretty good example of a shared doc working out. What Praion was referring to is that the doc has a comments feature to share out-of-game notes and even place dice results.

I don’t mind using the forum, but we’d want to move our threads into for our actual game-play.

Okay, I’m not certain who is dead-set on playing along, so a PM to me will help.

I’ve arranged two threads for us to begin creating our story and characters.

Link to Adventure thread

Link to Character thread

Please add your comments to both, but certainly make comments in the character thread.

This will be the RRR Patrol (Rebuild, Recruit, Recon)

Count me as VERY interested! I’m already involved in another PbP game right here at the forum , so I check the site and post often.

I’ve also played in many PbP and PbEM games and even had a great time GM’ing over AIM. Anyway, if there’s a chance a party will be formed I would like to put my name in the roster for players.

I think I could handle that.

Okay, I’ve got the beginnings of a character up on the other thread. Let me know what you think, and I’ll continue to progress with him if it’s suitable.