Any news on the Second Edition of Mouse guard?

First I heard april, then end of july… Anyone hear any other rumors on when this will be released? I am wanting to order it through my local game store as soon as it is available. Mouse Guard is still the best RPG I have ever played/run and really am looking forward to the second edition.

Any news would be appreciated.

-Andrew Haught


Publisher: BOOM! STUDIOS

(W) Luke Crane, David Peterson (A/CA) David Petersen

Finally back in print, this second edition of the Origins Award-winning Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set contains everything players need to know about the world of the Guard, including rules for forming patrols and leading missions into the beleaguered territories. Also contains new art; additional Action, Weapon, and Condition cards; and a revised and updated rule book.

Item Code: FEB151158
In Shops: 9/30/2015
SRP: $69.99

That is from Previews, the website to go to for comic releases and related stuff - Diamond ships items out, so they get given dates by the companies who create the stuff but as usual, dates can and will change. People who own shops get further access into that site, where we can’t see, so we can only go on what is in the public domain. But a comic shop would be able to order it with the code given above - FEB151158 (that is for the boxed set, not sure what the code is for the non-boxed set, easy to find out though. But for now they are saying September 30th 2015 but that might not take into account the issue David mentioned in the link by the poster above.

Not going to be available on 9/30. Can tell you that for 100% certain.

Do we know what’s changing in Second Edition?


luke wrote this topic about the 2nd edition: News-From-Lockhaven

Hi! If I may, I’d like to pile onto this discussion (first post!) with a tangential question:

-I recently became aware of Mouse Guard (as a system; I’ve been peripherally aware of the art and story for a long time.)
-I read a bunch of reviews and borrowed a friend’s rules, and I want to play!
-I was just about to fork over a bunch of money for my own rulebook, when I learned of the upcoming 2nd Edition release.
-Is it advisable to hold off initiating a Mouse Guard campaign until the 2nd Edition books come out?
-If this GM knows that he’s got to spend at least a month building momentum with his players before Thanksgiving or risk losing everyone to Chicago Seasonal Affective Disorder until at least April, does that change the answer?
-I’ve read the News-From-Lockhaven post, but as my game knowledge for MG is all theoretical at this point, does it seem feasible to port a patrol from 1st Ed to 2nd Ed when the new material becomes available?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have special release news, but here are my opinionated answers to your questions.

  • sure, hold off on buying print materials at the extraordinary prices found online in favor of the awaited release; however, consider buying the .pdf copy thru DriveThruRPG ( and consider the supplement ( – I totally get it that those cost money, but it is far less than you will see for prices on printed products which some hoarders are trying to make huge profits from.

  • no, no change of answer: consider buying a digital copy of 1ed and await a release of 2ed in order to enjoy it and make the most of the opportunity with a group willing to try.

  • harder to answer. Initial guesstimate says, “Yes, it will be fairly easy to port a patrol across the editions,” and this is supported by my attitude that only story matters, those numbers won’t make such a big difference as you might expect. But, I’ll at least say, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with reviewing a 1ed patrol against a similar interpretation of that patrol in 2ed to see where the differences lie. When the time comes, your group may be well sold on a very simple port or might be well and happy generating characters anew with a similar concept in the updated rules. (Personally, that’s what I’m planning to do for all my PCs and NPCs as needed–including animal NPCs)

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Picked this up at Endgame in Oakland earlier today. So, at least the book’s out and available.