Any other reports of this?

I stopped by the FLGS to check for Mouse Guard. The good news is they still had one on the “new products” shelf for me (and a sizable hole in their shelf at the back when it would have been regularly stocked). The bad news I didn’t buy this particular one up because something was wack with the binding. The pages from 120-169 were in a slow S curve coming away from the spline. So that bunch of pages were together but out of sync with the pages in front and behind, leaving about a 1/8" gap behind at one point and then in front of it at a second point. When I pressed it together from the covers in it came together and looked OK. I just wasn’t sure. I know oddities happen in print runs, just checking to see if this was a rare one.

Other than that it sure looked purdy. The dust cover with the large map printed on the inside is a very nice “quality” touch that isn’t out of line of what I saw inside. The 8"x8" format does suit it well.

EDIT: I can’t believe I put 'Luke’s name in the title. facepalm

I haven’t heard anything. I’m not the publisher, though. Report it to the publisher!

I have two copies and they both have the same issue. When you lay the books on a table the front and back covers are at an angle, as if the books were a bit open (not much though).

Excuse my ignorance in matters relating to books/publishing, but who is the publisher? Archaia Studios Press?

Is it OK to gather all cases of this minor glitch into this thread, and could the thread possibly be renamed? Thanks!

no problem here, and I got mine from my FLGS…