Any video of a session being played?

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I didn’t see it anywhere.

I was wondering if anybody knows if there are any videos of Mouse Guard game being played. I’m a first time GM and this is really new to me as I’ve only played dnd a few times as a player. I tried GMing a game for my friends, some who had never really played an rpg before and it didn’t go so smoothly so if I could see a game in action it might help me become a better GM for my group.


This is not MG but it is a video of a Duel of Wits in BW. It may be useful to you.

You’ll have more luck with audio I think. There’s a few actual play podcasts out there.

Google’d ‘mouseguard actual play session.’

Session one on first page, ends with session four.
You can download the mp3 about halfway down the page.
Each file is about 110mgs.

Audio starts with player creation (they say) and should end after player turn session in the fall.