Anyone else miniatures?

If so, where did you get them?

You might want to check out a forum called the miniatures page

i honestly love MG for the spartan lack of a gridded map and mini-figs; however, I admit that I’ve got a wish list full of Schleich, Safari and Papo animals that I might use in the future to ensure that players can keep their attention directed toward the scene at hand. I do love to have visuals that provide a common frame of reference for all players at the table.

reaper miniatures does sell “mouselings” they are really close to guardmice. In fact the MGRPG really helped the sell of these guys

splintered light miniatures also has mice with spears, swords, and slings here:

I made my own. But mostly for a 3D visual for when playing the game. MouseGuard really doesn’t need minis but they are good to help inspire the game.

You made your own miniatures Fox? May we see a picture of them?

I made some from clay. They are nice enough but very simple as you can guess. Maybe in time I get better at shaping the clay but there is still time.

If you want to try I can suggest cernit polymer clay. Some of my friends were using it to make jewellery. I thought it would be nice to give my players miniatures of their characters. Painting is more important than shaping. I used my Games Workshop Paints that I originaly used for my Warhammer army but they did fine with clay, too. Especially washes are increadible.

I have no photos of my latest works and I gave them as gifts but my first clay miniatures are still with me. However I should warn you that they are more like chessmen than miniatures. I’ll make some new to put here but until then there is no harm showing my first try.


Yeah I did back when I had an opportunity to aid in the playtesting of the game. There should be an old post here on the boards of my images. I’ll see if I can find it and give you the link, otherwise I will repost the images here. I also used a polymer clay for mine.

Here is the link:

Aylin those are awesome!

Thanks Stormsweeper! I really wish I had my latest works’ photos but no problem though. It is just an excuse to make some new miniatures.

Fox’s miniatures are very, very good. They are bigger; I couldn’t dare to shape clay that big. But I might try this time. I’m also thinking about sewing little cloaks for them.

Agreed! I had to change my shirt for all of the drool had made it soggy.