Anyone from Canada? Specifically Nova Scotia?

None of my friends or anyone I know is interested in the MG RPG. I’m wondering if anyone on the forum just happens to be near to where I live, if for no other reason just to know that I’m not alone

British Columbia here. I’m starting up a Mouse Guard game next week on Tuesday. But that’s on the opposite side of the country, so that doesn’t really help. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in Toronto, so we’re getting closer but not close enough. Now, you say that your friends aren’t interested - have you asked them? You might be surprised. Anyway I did some googling for you, just assuming you were near Halifax because I had nothing else to go on. I checked for a roleplaying group near Halifax and there aren’t any, but there is a board gaming group . You can also check out gaming stores has some near Halifax. Also you’re in luck because there’s a convention coming up in November in Halifax with gaming where you could try to run a game for some strangers or if that doesn’t work then at least meet some other gamers.

Now you may not even be from Halifax in which case you’ll need to do your own googling - Nova Scotia is a small province but it’s still a pretty big place. If you happen to be in Mahone Bay then I’d be up for a one-shot next time I visit my relatives out there.