Anyone up for space combats?

After reading the very cool space combat thread from last year
I was thinking it would be cool with some space fights in the Arena (or is that only for BW?) - it’s a great way to learn the firefight rules and to show off what they are really capable off.

Anyone up for that - and how do we go about it?


I’m up for it, but I am a bit busy. What scale did you have in mind?

Not sure - you mean scale as in how many ships involved? If so, I was thinking dog fights perhaps.

If you mean time scale - dunno. I’m flexible, can do a post a day at least, more if needed. BUT I’m only learning to grasp the Firefight rules.

What kind of a dog fight? What scenario were you thinking?

I was thinking:
2 players. Each pick a stock ship from the book, burns up a character and perhaps mods the ship accordingly. Then they dream up a space scene together and try to take each other out using the Firefight rules.
It doesn’t have to be neither balanced nor even - and the objective doesn’t have to be to destroy the opponent. Escape, board or force the opponent to land may work just as well.

I’m not as busy as Luke, so let’s you and I try a space fight, Per. Go ahead and open up a topic in the Arena and I’ll burn up a commander and we can talk about ships. Feel free to email me with set-up ideas.


That was awesome guys, can’t wait for the rematch! I love the paper-scissors-rock feel that the scripting induces. Also the fluff was great to read :slight_smile:

Lesson learned for me: steel tests are nasty. Good commanders need high steel! Makes sense really…