AP: Æglæckír & Andvarri

2 Weeks ago:

We had Osric’s player back, and, in the wake of the previous session’s (almost) TPK, they’re going up against Andvarri (yet again).

Having heard the others’ recap of that near-total-disaster-session, Osric’s player summarised what Osric had been up to: he’d slept through it all, curled up under some junk just next to the dragons (allowing him to recover from Exhausted).

That tracks!

Our Shaman (like, I would guess many who chose Level 4’s Heartbeast) spends a lot of time Angry, Exhausted, or sleeping to recover from the latter.

Goals get adjusted / rewritten, and we’re off to hunt Andvarri!

There’s various discussions about how to achieve this. The boat’s out with them, so they would have to row it back upstream and into the underground area. That sounds difficult.

Instead, Osric Has An Idea… and casts the Invocation to the Immortal Waters (walk on water, for the whole party!), with some contributions from the others.

Armed and ready (and leaving unnecessary stuff back at camp), they rush up the river, drag themselves into the mountain from where the river emerges… and plan an ambush.

They have light from their lantern, conceal themselves amongst the rocks and rapids, and are set to ambush the Dread Eel.

Bricks has a poison intended to cause sickness which, when combined with Andvarri’s existing Injury (from our previous Compromise), builds an advantage.

Tösk has a scroll of Destiny of Heroes, intended to give them an extra edge, which he proceeds to cast… unsuccessfully.

A roil storm of mystical winds, and sparkling purple rain erupts… and is dragged out of the cave system scant seconds later (Twist!). The consequences of this will become apparent at a later point.

Then, Andvarri is there, and they leap into the conflict.

Andvarri is much confused by his prey running on the water, as they strike down into him from all sorts of unexpected angles (good ambush!).

The fight is brutal, with Oddbjorn being knocked out, as the party (led by Osric’s mighty violence) finally put an end to Andvarri.

Kill conflict. Minor compromise: Oddbjorn is killed.

Oddbjorn’s player spends a Persona to have the Will to Live, as he float off facedown in the river.

Bricks realises that their Skald is missing and rushes off to find him.

He returns, but is… strange (Nature 1/1, lost Boasting Nature descriptor, turned his Steady Hands Trait to Shaky Hands).

What really made this for me (and all of us, I think) was that the player really leaned into what Nature 1/1 looks like, seeming stranger and less… lively… empathic… than before.

Brilliantly the player never had Oddbjorn do or say anything extreme, but really leaned into the tone of what he said, and the looks he gave.

Osric is keen to celebrate their victory, and encourages Radulf (Oddbjorn’s apprentice) to sing of their victory (as Oddbjorn is not engaging). Oddbjorn is prepared to offer help… judging and critiquing his student (using Music-Wise).

Still, it is a victory procession that walks on upstream to the Tree of Yðunn and Æglæckír’s hoard.

There, the magical storm is raging overhead. The purple rain fizzes and sparkles when it hits them.

They present the corpse of Andvarri to Æglæckír, as a stand-in for her dead love Monwír. They are late in fulfilling their promise, but they have succeeded.

They finalise their agreement / negotiation with Æglæckír.

They will mount Andvarri and present it back to her as a trophy. For her part, she will raise the drake that Bricks has left with her, and not attack the surrounding settlements, provided that none (other than her cultists) come here.

This magical storm, though, is an issue. Oddbjorn cuts a deal with Æglæckír to move her hoard out of the courtyard, allowing him to pick a few items from the hoard to take with them.

This last plays neatly into Oddbjorn’s Belief (“I will get my inheritance from the treasures lurking in the old places of the world.”), and allows the adventurers to get some loot of out this (very long) endeavour.

A good roll allows him to choose the Helm (… of Terror), a filled spell book (containing Mystic Porter, Wisdom of the Sages and Apotropaic Circle) and a gem that glows with a warm inner light (the Sunstone from Lots o’ Loot).

After that, out they head, to decide on next steps…


Last Week:

Sidenote: Kudos to @DaveHiggins 's session recap, where, when talking about the storm and purple rain, adapted the lyrics of Prince’s “Purple Rain” to fit the events.

Before they even reached this adventure, they’d heard rumours of orcs taking over an abandoned wayhouse outside of Regin.

Now, with a vague hope of maybe getting some loot and/or making sure the orcs won’t be a threat to local travellers, they decide to head over there to investigate.

The magical storm / foul weather continues, as they trudge on. Osric is musing with the others that, given his Vow to the Lord of Endings (Shaman, level 6 benefit), he might be able to break this cursed weather. However, maybe they can wait until they are at Holtburg, so as to be visibly seen to help the town?

Given the cloud under which he left his hometown (at night, on the run, having beaten up and maybe killed the local Gott lord’s son), having some sort of positive spin would be useful…

Oddbjorn is determined to lead them to the wayhouse(even though he does not have the skill, and Pathfinding is something that Bricks the guide normally does). He remains… strange, but the rest of them are happy to help out (his Nature 1 is also allowing him to quickly learn some skills).

It goes poorly. A creepy fog descends and they end up lost amongst the barrows, with (probable!) shadowy undead figures closing in on them, seeking to trap them!

Bricks Is Having None Of That, and knows that needs to happen. They will open a path to the Dry Lands, thus giving them the proper rites to lay them to rest, and guiding them to the Realm of Halja.

Bricks calls upon the group’s Vættr and, without quite knowing what they are facing, the group launches into a Banish Conflict against these shadowy figure.

Said shadowy figures turn out to be 1 Barrow Wight and 6 (six!) Vengeful Spirits.

Weapons chosen, and “battle lines” drawn we get into it. I think it’s Barrow Wight & Friends 15 vs. Adventurers 10-ish.

It’s… brutal.

By the end of the first round, only Osric is still standing, and things are looking bleak.

Still, Osric is Relentless, and uses each trick and every advantage to eventually, somehow, emerge victorious! Albeit with some serious compromises.

Compromise: The party can never return to these barrow mounds. Additionally, the Barrow Wight commands them to return his (clan-regalia) plough to his descendants in Holtburg. Said plough is in the orc-infested wayhouse (which is called the Plough, as it turns out).

Oaths made, the party heads on to the inn.

There, they wisely decide to observe and get a lay of the land, rather than go blundering in.

The plough is hanging over the bar inside the wayhouse. The orcs living here have tied a washing line to it, to dry some of their storm-sodden clothes.

The group keeps watching and assessing, wanting to work out what the orcs are up to, and what potential threat they might pose.

In the end, they conclude that the orcs are not gathering warband and, other than them looking to make an agreement with the troll in the nearby woods, do not represent a major threat. Holtburg is safe from the orcs in The Plough.

Well, the orcs will probably engage in local acts of banditry, but are unlikely to stray too far afield.

From our adventurers’ perspectives, having minor threats (orcs, a troll) that might scare off people approaching the mountain and Æglæckír’s lair works to their advantage.

Still… they need that plow, and the fizzy purple rain isn’t stopping.

Teamwork, then!

Osric uses his curse-breaking (with help!) to end the storm (Ob to 5).

Tösk carefully listens at the door (using his level 4 Thief benefit Good Ear), and then he and Bricks heist the plough out of there, completely unseen by the orcs.

Then, it’s Camp time.

To get back to their camp (where all of their stuff is), they have to go through the troll forest (given that they cannot go back via the barrows), but, yet again, fortune is on their side, and they make it safely back, carrying the plow (variously Pathfinder / Scout and Labourer)!

The strange whispers that they can hear would make it harder to recover, but, fortunately, there are not too many Conditions to deal with.

It’s one of those rare occasions when they have a bit of a glut of Checks (8, I think?), which allows them to not only recover from their Conditions, but also spend time on other things.

They prepare and mount Andvarri’s body (beautifully) to present to Æglæckír. There’s some scroll-writing and mapping,

Oddbjorn insists on learning to cook, preparing their last apple from Tree of Yðunn with (Andvarri) eel flesh. Bricks (the group’s usual cook) assists with their Ingredients-Wise, rather than getting directly involved in this rather… bizarre cooking experiment.

They present their Andvarri-shaped trophy to Æglæckír, and then, with much anguish, Bricks explains to the group that they will need to seal access to Æglæckír’s lair, to prevent anyone following in their tracks.

This goes directly against Bricks’ Creed about keeping all paths open, but they made a promise to Æglæckír, so here we are. It’s a high Ob piece for the careful demolition, collapsing and blocking of the ways the group worked hard to discover, map and expand, but they succeed.

The only potential ways to reach Æglæckír are down the massive (and deep!) air shaft that the dragon uses as their entrance, and via the river (where it emerges from the mountain). I think we’re good.

We’re ready, now, to head on to Holtburg.

They could really do with this Town Phase, with quite a bit of personal business to attend to. Osric needs to see how his family are doing, they all need to convince Holtburg to leave Æglæckír and the area of Bornstokk alone.

So, later today, we’ll pick things back up, as they get their cart, horse, plough and a variety of other things on the road to Holtburg!


Wasn’t the session recap; it was the fight scripting against the Restless Dead:

Manoeuvre, Manoeuvre, Manoeuvre

Because we don’t want to cause them any trouble, we don’t want to cause them any pain, we just want to dance in the purple rain…


Fantastic! Have the characters earned a Respite?

We had our last Respite back in September, which was just before this adventure kicked off.

So… maybe they’ve earnt one? However, it’s only been 1 adventure.

Mind you, we’re lining up to head southwards to the Sakki Downs, where Bricks’ (home town) travelling caravan is, and that might make a more interesting Respite place, possibly after they track down (enemy of the party) Plodinus Kest.

We’ll see! Plenty of fun stuff coming down the pipeline.

And we’ve still got their Cavestitcher enemy, and what it might do…

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I would pay the terrible price 4 u


You are most kind.

As ever, it’s always the seemingly minor conflicts that end in disaster.

As a note: the sunstone wasn’t part of Oddbjorn’s negotiations. It was part of the exchange between Bricks and Æglæckír over the drake egg.

Bricks asked for her help as the egg wasn’t hatching. Æglæckír requested it to be left to her care (something that I’d been prepared to offer/vaguely offered in the original conflict. Can’t remember if it actually came up in the end). There was a comment from Tösk reminding them what it’s like to be raised away from their kind. Something Bricks also has experience with, plus they thought it would be good for Æglæckír to have something to refocus on. So Bricks agreed to leave it

Æglæckír offered something from her hord in exchange. Bricks chose the sunstone because it was a fiery rock. It seemed appropriately symbolic. (There have been many jokes about the never-hatching drake egg being just a rock).

Truffles the pig has since been seen rocking the harness Bricks had made ready for the drake.


Legendary stuff!

If it’s not too much trouble, can you sum up the terrible prices paid by these beleaguered souls so far?

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Let me see.

All have occurred during this adventure.


  • Lost their Sneaking Nature
  • Hidden Depths Trait dropped from Level 2 to Level 1


  • Lost his Breaking Nature
  • Huldrekall Trait dropped from Level 3 to Level 2


  • Lost his Boasting Nature (twice!)
  • Mellifluous Voice Trait dropped from Level 2 to Level 1
  • Steady Hands Trait changed to Shaky Hands

Oddbjorn is the only one to die twice!

He only has 3 Traits these days, having had Wistful removed at a previous Respite, and only had 1 at Level 2 (although not anymore!)

Fortunately for them all, they had bargained for a few of the apples from the Tree of Yðunn, and were able to restore themselves back to how they were (albeit with the Traits still changed / lowered).

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