[AP] Burning High Qamala

Hi everyone,

Here’s a link to the AP of our ‘Burning High Qamala’ campaign - 25 sessions played over the last year. The session summaries get more detailed as they go on - there’s some dialogue, DoWs and Fights! in there too.



Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing!

Your eulogy is awesome.

For a quarter-hundred sessions, it was my privilege and pleasure to GM what turned into one of the most meaningful, touching and thoroughly remarkable games I have ever participated in. The moniker of ‘game master’ seems quite misleading in this case. I felt like master of nothing, partially because one’s own work appears less than masterful when seen from within, and partially because no mastery was necessary with players like this. At times, I felt more like a spectator or trespasser who had chanced upon a book of exciting lore, or found a secret peek hole to the stage of a mighty drama. And because the unfolding story was never controlled nor planned, it never grew complacent.


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