AP: Volund's Crypt

Episodes #1, #2, and #3.

I’m writing them up after the recap. They’ve just been back to town and have blundered into the sewers under Kain’s Hold, so they’re doing the first episode of Kain’s Sewers. This time I managed to figure out InDesign, so I’ll post up the adventure pdf afterwards.

I love the narrative. Looking forward to seeing the system behind what’s going on.

I felt a bit of a failure as a DM because in Volund’s Crypt they managed to keep well on top of their conditions, and stall the Order of Might 5 lich for 5 long rounds in a Banish conflict after he opened strongly by one-shotting their Cleric.

Still though, I took as a compromise that they managed to get the lich’s undivided attention. As long as they keep running they’ll be fine.

Episode #4, as they plummet into Kain’s Sewers, muttering with resentment at the poor way that the merchants of the Bastion treated them.

So they just TPK’d. I thought I’d post up the dungeon for critique: https://www.dropbox.com/s/luowpy9yan5aab6/Kain’s%20Sewers.pdf

On the bright side the Paladin survived by not being there for the final session - well it turned out to be the final session :slight_smile: