Ape, White

For fun and as prep for a campaign I might be running for a couple friends, I’m statting up some of the D&D basic monsters that haven’t been done already. First, the good old white ape! Nocturnal, underground albino apes that eat fruit and vegetables and insects, and defend their territory from wandering PCs. Also kept as pets by neanderthals!

Ape, White
Might: 2
Nature: 4
Descriptors: Shrieking, Throwing, Climbing

Conflict Dispositions
Flee: 9
Capture: 6
Kill: 4
Drive Off: 2

Conflict Weapons
Capture/Kill/Drive Off: Stones - Cannot be disarmed as long as stones are handy, Claws - +1D to Attack
Flee: Brachiation - +1D to Maneuver and +1D to Defend

Instinct: Always scream and howl when its territory is invaded.

The concept behind Brachiation is sweet, but how would you justify it underground? Wall-scrabbling? (Which is kinda creepy–they’re like cave-spiders!)

Swinging from stalactites and rock formations, underground tree roots, etc. Whatever sounds cool at the time.

I dig it! And I’m jealous that you got to the Ape, White before I did. I guess I’ll have to settle for doing an Acolyte.

I already did Acolyte too, this was just more interesting to share. :wink:

Nice! I like it! Reminds me to be more imaginative with my world.

::shakes fist::


Achaierai or GTFO.

Doesn’t make me think of the Barsoom White Ape, which is what the D&D white ape is based upon.


Though looking at the basic D&D rules, which is what this is based on, I don’t see the connection to the Barsoom White Ape at all. It looks to me just to be an albino, cave-dwelling ape.