Apiarist Action Factors


On page 242, in the Apiarist entry, there is a list of Action factors called Placate, Anger, Swarm.

I’m not clear on how to apply these factors.

Are these the attitudes of the bees? Are they an emotion I’m trying to get from the bees?

Any help would be appreciated.

An action you’re trying to get, I believe. So placating the bees is ob 1, angering is ob 2 and getting them to swarm is ob 3.


Yeah, that’s my initial thought too. However, I would think it might be harder to Placate bees than to Anger them.

Thanks for the help.

I think swarm is “Direct a swarm against the target of your choice”…

Victor and Aramis are correct.

Simply angering bees is simple (as simple as a failed test and the application of the Injured condition). Angering bees in a way that is helpful to you is more difficult.

Thanks. This makes sense.