Aptitude 0 Stats

I’ve seen it happen on really old characters, and I am simply wondering about characters with, for example, G8 Perception, and the Quick Study trait.

Their Aptitude is 8-8 and therefore 0.

Do they automatically open all Perception-based skills, or do they have to practise once?

Sure - this is a case of high-level play, but it’s something that bugs me.

Based on my reading of the rules, I’d say that the first test would be Beginner’s Luck as usual but then, yes, they’d have their skill opened immediately.

Minimum aptitude is 1. So you need one test using BL or practice, then you open the skill.

By the way, this isn’t relegated to the realm of hypotheticals. Thor’s Burning THAC0 wizard Petronax learns every Perception skill after trying just once.

Didn’t see the minimum Aptitude, thanks!