Aptitude and Advancing Stats Question

I have a question about learning new skills with Beginner’s Luck. On p. 49-50 of the BWG, it states that beginner’s luck tests which, prior to doubling, count as routine go towards to learning the skill, and tests that count as difficult or challenging to go advancing the stat. Does this imply that only routine tests can be used to learn a skill? Or do the diff/chall tests count -both- towards the stat and learning? Elsewhere, in the recap, the phrasing seems to imply that all tests count towards one’s aptitude, so I’m just looking for some clarity.

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Hiya, Caput. Welcome to the forums!

I believe that Difficult and Challangeing Tests count only toward the Stat, not both. The recap in the end is a compressed (perhaps imperfect) summary. That’s how I read it, anyway.

It is worth noting that Difficult and Challenging Tests may help with advancing the skill… In that it may advance the Root, and therefore improve the Aptitude!


Okay—I did just look through BWR and noticed that in those rules, it’s very clear that all tests count toward aptitude. Do you think the alteration in BWG is to intentionally slow down the rate of learning? Or is the changed wording just supposed to clarify that stats -are- being tested and advanced even while the skill is being learned? My intuition is the latter, since 6-7 beginner’s luck tests to open a skill seems time-consuming enough—restricting them to -only- routine tests seems a bit cruel, but I know Burning Wheel can be a cruel mistress!

Nope, Gnosego is correct, only routine tests count towards advancement. This can actually be a good thing though, it means that you can keep skills not open so that you can get stat tests when you roll them. If you only roll your beginner’s luck Falsehood against people you really shouldn’t be lying to, you can get high Will tests consistently


Alrighty, thanks for the help, guys—much appreciated.

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I’m sure I speak for the rest of us when I say we’re happy to do it.


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