Arcane Craftsman (Larkins Spell Book)

Arcane Craftsman: Ob 2^, 25 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster or Single Target
Element: Anima
Impetus: Enhance
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 8

Calling upon the Shaper of All Things to aid his cause, the caster magically increases the targets craftsmanship by placing them into a meditative trance, allowing the Shaper to guide their hands and aid their work.

Meeting the spell obstacle grants a +1D to any Craftsman based skill, extra successes may be used to increase the bonus (+1 die per added success) up to a maximum bonus of +3D.

Distillation was pretty straightforward on this one. I added one Extension to increase the casting time, which lowered the spell obstacle to 2^

This spell would be used by casters to lmprove the quality of crafted items made for enchantment purposes, or to turn out some really cool swords.