Are mice mostly left-handed?

I noticed the art on page 15 of the rulebook: five of six mice holding swords are left-handed.

Kenzie is left-handed on pages 21 and 28.

Sadie is left-handed on page 23.

And it goes on through the book.

Is this a weird art fluke, or a previously-undiscovered secret of mouse biology?

I think you’d have to ask David Petersen.

No wild speculation? Crazy theories? Half-informed babble about mouse genetics you heard about once at a cocktail party?

This place rocks.

Due to the rotation of the earth snakes always attack from the left. (This is, of course, reversed in the southern hemisphere.) Therefor mice have evolved to be predominately left handed.

This post brought to you by a beer and the current time, 12:40 am.

Sarcasm. Just as good!

Haha, sorry, wasn’t trying to be sarcastic. I figure if it’s going to be wild speculation it’s best to present it as fact, even a very silly fact.


I flipped through Fall and Winter tonight. It seems almost all the mice are ambidextrous. There are a few action sequences where weapons switch hands between panels.

Now I want a mouse with a prehensile tail.

Sadie uses hers in the battle against the crabs.

Oh, no, sarcasm’s good. I’m all in favor.

Longtail is the trait you want, iirc. I suppose you could justify Longtail 3 as being prehensile (“I failed my climb check? As I fall, I’ll whip my tail around a limb and try to swing myself back up. Dice again, please?”).