Are relationships required in burning?

Never really thought about it before (as they are obviously such a great idea) but, are relationships actually required?
Can you gain your relationships through play rather than points?

For example:
An elven wanderer (Wilder Born, Song Singer, Forester, Wanderer) far from his native forest who just arrived in town with nothing but his clothes and gear (his 25 resource points being spent on elven clothes, shoes, traveling gear, rope, bread, and wine) wouldn’t know anyone in the adventuring area beyond the fellow travellers he meets along the way (other PC’s).

There are a whole set of rules in the Circles section about making characters you circled up relationships. Relationships are by no means required during burning.

I still think this character will be extremely handicapped as his only circle (Wilderland) is basically nonexistent in the area.
(I suppose I could throw in some elven refugees from the wilderlands)

Finding them in an unusual place for the type of character is a +2 Ob, which is definitely surmountable.

Ok. Thanks Guys!

The GM can grant relationships, you may also earn reputations or buy into affiliations in play. You could furthermore be voted a trait that gives you access to other circles.