Are there a lot of human NPCs in the monster burner?


i am getting back to vienna this weekend and they have a gamestore there that still has the complete BWR and BE line. I plan on getting the AdBu but am thinking if i maybe want the Monster Burner too. I am interested in Ratkin, sorry Roden and the Wolfes but don’t really want or need (i think) that much monsters. Are there human enemys in this book?

Also, do i want the Magic burner?

In BW terminology, monster is not the word for PC’s adversaries, but for every creature that is not human. Simply because BW is not that kind of game. (It’s not about fighting monsters, y’know. It’s about being human.)

But, no, the MonBu doesn’t have any humans in it. The book is about 1/3 new stocks (Roden, Wolves, Spiders, Trolls), 1/3 monsters (including examples of the above), and 1/3 the BW Construction Kit (how to make skills, traits, LPs, stocks, etc).

The adventure burner has a few humans in it, but you can really get those from the downloadable adventures and the wiki. Or burn them up yourself without too much trouble. The monster burner is more helpful for making your own monsters, not NPC characters. (But the characters, particularly the Roden, are pretty neat!)

I have very few NPCs who are fully statted. Most are just Obs for test. A few have basic stats and maybe a combat skill or two and some DoW skills. Rarely are NPCs important enough, recurring enough, and versatile enough to require full burning.

In contrast with the MoBu, the AdBu does have a lot of characters statted out (4 for each stock, including stocks from MoBu, and pre-gens for the scenarios in the AdBu).