Are there updated or corrected character sheets available?

Are there any plans to update the character sheets? I just picked up the character sheet bundle from the Mouse Guard section of the site, and the existing sheet includes a few references which don’t seem to exist in the game.

For example, it lists a “Deceiver” skill instead of “Manipulator,” it includes a reference to “recharging” a trait by spending checks, and it indicates that second level traits can be used on every roll, rather than only twice per session. Are these things which were changed from the previous edition?

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Woops, thanks for pointing this out! You’re right. I replaced the old sheet with an old bundle. I’ve updated the product to have the 2nd Edition character sheet (

It still has the map included but I’ll need to confirm which GM sheets are up-to-date.



Thanks, Geoff! These are great. Just what my group needs, and just in time, too!

Would it be possible to make a form fillable version?

In any case, thanks again.

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I made a set for myself with an old version of acrobat, I mean - really old. I think its acrobat 3 or 4. It may have tab order issues and is probably really basic but its the only form application I have. You are welcome to a copy. if there is anything really wrong just let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

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