Arenjii - A Burning Wheel bot for Discord

When it became clear that an in-person game was not in the cards for my first Burning Wheel campaign I started coding up a bot so I could play via Discord.

It’s been about a year but I’ve got something I’m fairly proud of up and running on a server that has been quite useful in my own game.


  • Arenjii can roll dice in every shade, Open-Ended or otherwise.
  • Includes mechanics for Artha, Helper and Astrology dice.
  • Calculates a roll’s difficulty both automatically and on command, including Beginner’s Luck rules.
  • It remembers your previous roll and can reroll those dice with Luck, Call on traits and Saving Graces.
  • Handle VS tests where the rolls are either public or private.

Future Features

  • Quick references for Duel of Wits, Range and Cover, and Fight interactions (in beta)
  • Probability calculator

Arenjii is still a work in progress and I do not claim to be an expert in the BWG system. There are many edge cases (mostly involving Astrology and various rerolls) that I have had to make calls on that may not fit your, or even the official, interpretation of the rules.

I’m looking for people to put Arenjii though it’s paces, to discuss the stranger interactions of mechanics and provide their feedback. If that sounds interesting, or you just want to take Arenjii for a spin, pop by on discord here.

If you are a developer you can check out the bot on GitHub


@Saelvarath I’m aiming to launch a BW Discord server for a new online playgroup this month, and I would be happy to test it out.

I can send the invite link for the bot to anyone who wants it. I’ll also try to get around to adding a command that get’s the bot to hand you it’s own invite link.


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