Armor and Weapon details

I’ve been reading through the RPG pdf and why I’ll enjoy creating my own arms and armor, I was curious about what kinds would be available in the Mouse Guard world? I’ve read Fall 1152 and know what a few different weapons look like, but there’s not a whole lot on mouse armor. For example, light armor: is this like leather or heavy cloth? Or is it more like a few plates here and there? Does Celanawe’s shoulder pad count as light armor? Just a big fan, and curious what Petersen’s mice should be wearing and carrying. Thanks.

Look at the comics. The characters who aren’t wearing any armor? They’re not wearing armor. The ones with a lot of armor? That’s heavy armor. The stuff in between? Light armor. I think the black slat stuff on the evil army is heavy armor, personally (it’s definitely not meant for scouting or sneaking). Celanawe could justify the shoulder defense as just an accessory, but I’d lean towards light armor. I bet the Black Axe has a set of heavy armor stored away in some legend somewhere, too (whether he ever really wore it, or if it even existed, is a question for mouse historians, not guardsmice).

The key is, anything heavy enough to be protective is light armor. Anything heavy enough to slow you down or make it hard to sneak is heavy armor. I don’t like mice in metal, it seems a bit silly to me, so my armor’s not likely to lean towards metal plates, but yours might. Heavy armor still isn’t articulated plate, though. Leave that for Mice Templar or some foolishness like that.

I’d try to bring in materials like wood, lacquer, and even rope. Just because they’re not in D&D doesn’t mean they don’t have an illustrious history of protecting real-world humans or that they aren’t stylish and practical for mice.

I like the idea of lacquered nut-shell hats.

For some reason imagining this image makes me feel (a)very happy, and (b) like I am about 4 years old again. Both of these things are good.

Anyway, it’s obvious that mice naturally prefer a skirmishing style of combat with mobility and concealment as the principle defence - I am sure mouse peltasts are common. Obviously with the advent of firearms this develops into the ideal of the mouseketeer.

EDIT: Okay, terrible pun. Duck dragoons instead maybe?

Hello, Luke asked me to sneak in here and answer the Armor Q from my pov.

First off, I’d say that nearly ANY material is fair game. I don’t limit the mice to not using something like metal.

Midnight’s Axe Army’s armor is metal. Though it’s made to be flexible and more light weight than something like the full plate that the mouse on the back cover is wearing*

This has a great deal to do with what the function was. Midnight needed an army that would penatrate Lockhaven and be able to stand against mice ho have experience in combat. This armor also needed to allow them to march to Lockhaven, so it needed to be light and flexible

In general, most guardmice wouldn’t use a metal armor (though I’d say that there may be several who have a metal piece like bracers, a paulron, or buckler (I’m not counting hand-held shields here) They would rely on their own mousey speed/cunning to AVOID fights and danger, so most armors would slow them down.

A middle ground would be most common with alternate supplies. Celanawe’s paulron was originaly going to be part of a turtle shell (and who knows, his original one may still be) So yeah, scavanged natural items that could be easily found and used would take a priority over heavy mined ore. the laquered wood is good, as is cord, but also think of animal bones & shells, tanned hides or scales.

There will be times in future stories that I will have mice needing more protection and less stealth, so heavy metal armor will eventually play a part, but it comes with the sacrifice of stealth and mobility.

*Originally it was an homage to the full plate armor character on the rear cover of the Artesia RPG. However the character has started to gel in my mind and could make an appearance at some point in the MG lore.

Thanks David!

Thank you guys for the replies!
I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with bone, bark/wood, and other materials for armor in my game. I think that using existing materials is a cool idea too. Guardmice are quite innovative. I need to shake those old D&D armor cobwebs out of my head too. Thanks for the help.

I made some light armor from stag beetle carapaces at some point, I think. Saved my hide at some point.