Armor in conflicts

Hi there. Well after having the rules for ages we finally had a game last night!
One question I did have. The characters were involved in a conflict. One was at the wrong end of 5 successes in an attack action. He went down taking three and there were two points remaining.
When passese one point to each of his compatriots can they check their armor individually, potentially cancelling both points?


referencing page 37 of the book, the bullet points for armor it says that it reduces an enemies successful or tied attack by -1s and that it only helps with some types of conflicts and after each use it is tested to make sure it is not damaged and unusable for the rest of the conflict or repaired. Personally in this case if I have three players each of which is taking a point and two of them want to leverage their armor to prevent damage then I would let them but I would hold the type of armor they have against the type of attack that the monsters are bringing and I would also make them roll to make sure that they don’t have scrap metal left after that attack.

Only the character who acted gets to test armor. Armor does not protect against roll-over damage.

Thanks Thor. I guessed as much as otherwise it would only ever make sense to spread it around.
We finished the night with both sides loosing all their disposition in a ‘drive off’ conflict presumably everyone running away!

We just had a session earlier and I was going to post this exact question tonight. How convenient.