Armor penalties and Beginner's Luck

Sir Honorable Knight is wearing Full Plate.

Clumsy weight penalties for his full plate include: -1D for speed, +1Ob for stealthy.

Sir Honorable Knight needs to sneak through a temple. Of course, he doesn’t have Stealthy, so he needs to roll Beginner’s Luck.

So the question is, for the purposes of rolling Speed for the Beginner’s Luck Stealthy test: is it subject to the-1D, +1Ob, or both?

I think both seems a bit excessive, like it’s double-penalizing. But I can see an argument going for any option.

Both. If he doesn’t want the penalty, he should take the armor off.

This is a great way to make unskilled stealth test’s difficult and thus earn tests on the speed stat instead.

Also works well to prevent the Knight from ever learning the Stealthy skill.

Perhaps the first step on his path to learning the skill is to learn first that he will never be stealthy until he takes off that shiny, noisy, cumbersome armour!

That’s not true at all, since it is a contested roll, probably against folk without Observation, he has a small chance to succeed.

Knights should be learning stealthy any way. It isn’t knightly.