Armor Training

The skill description for Armor Training on p. 256 says that wearing light mail without armor training incurs a +1Ob penalty to all tests. Heavy mail or heavier a +2 Ob.

Then on p. 478 under Untrained Armor it says light mail is +1Ob to Health & Forte for fatigue or athletics. Heavy mail is +1Ob for everything and plated mail or full plate is +2Ob.

Which is it? We decided to go with the latter in game as it seemed the more likely.



What I meant to say is that the skill lists the simplified rules and the chapter lists the advanced rules.
Yes. Precisely that. I prefer the advanced rules for campaign play and the simple rules for demo play.


Follow-up question: when it says +xOb to all tests how literal is that? I can understand taking the penalty on pretty much every physical action. But wises? Social tests?

Applying the penalty to all tests makes sense to me. Without familiarity with armor it is like being in a huge and heavy costume. Even thinking and talking work best when the body is in motion, these motions would feel weird and distract the speaker / thinker.

I’d say GM’s call - it depends on the considerations. If you’re trying to use a wise while you’re storming the castle, then I’d say yes, the armor would affect your wise rolls. It’s hard to think clearly when you’re uncomfortable and irritated.