Armorers! Sciencemice! Whoever ou may be! Post your custom/new equipment here!

Bladed Shield (ob 4; Paw-to-paw: Useful (2), Armor and Shields: Protection (2))
Useful: +1D to any action. Protection: +2D to Defend. Heavy: -1D to Health to recovery.

He failed and so Cumbersome: -1D to Maneuver and Stealth was added, but I’m now realizing that I factored wrong and he succeeded. So that will be retconned. He used his Sword as an equipment bonus (+1D), destroying his sword for raw materials in the process.

I’d very much like to help with this, but I don’t know if I’m using the system correctly. I think I am, given your example, though. See my thread over on getting started for some of the questions that came to mind.

As I said in the other thread weapons like these are not easy to make (high Ob of 9-11) nor are they practical (They break easily and tend to negate the bonus of its original intent.)

We are talking about Medieval Blacksmith skilled individual with no elf or dwarf magic trying to make some fantasy weapon is not realistic and has no real basis in blacksmith skill. Adding blades to a shield will not make it useful becuase it is the sword’s design, not the blade, that makes it useful. Also the shield will be extremely heavy, nullifying the defensive bonus.

Hesitate severely changing weapon qualities and if you do do not make it easy in any sence of the word.(Go talk to a weapons smith sometime and mention swords with fantasy designs and watch him laugh. There is a reason Romans didn’t have blades on their shields, which were used as weapons.)