Art Magic and failing to found a school

I’m trying to make sure I understand the rules for founding a new school under Art Magic.

We assume the researcher is starting from a school that has 3 unencumbered effects. They pass they Ob 5 Research test and study for a year. They found a new school and…

  • This new school gives access to 4 effects?
  • This new school gives access to 1 effect?
  • They have access to 2 schools, each of which gives 3 effects, and overlap by 2?

This has implications for two scenarios, namely what happens if they fail the Research test, and what happens when they start teaching someone else their school. Though I guess schools effects are passed on one at a time, so maybe it doesn’t really matter?

For more context, I have a single NPC who is the source of all Art Magic in my campaign. I’m playing with the idea of her having full access to all 10 effects. Then, as her students make sense of her teachings and form schools, their own limitations come into play and start causing the Ob penalties. I’m trying to figure out exactly how this drift of the rules might work.