Artha for One-Off NPCs?

I assume that Contacts generated by Circles tests, and most One-Off NPCs don’t get Artha.

What about Crucial Opposition though? In my game the players are making a raid on a supply depot, and I pulled the Anvil Captain from the back of the book to be the opposing commander for the Firefight. Does he get NPC relationship Artha? Or is he just out of luck?

In BE, I’m fairly certain that only NPC FON get artha.

All GMFON relationships get Artha. p. 128


Each of the GM’s opposition figures of note and relationships get an amount of artha based on the total number of lifepaths on the players’ side.



I believe that you divide the artha between the FoN and his Relationships, same as the Players dividing up their starting Artha between their PC and supporting Chars.

Paul has it. GMFONs get a bunch of artha, each relationship gets a somewhat reduced amount (generally one or two less fate, one less persona, and no deeds). So it really pays for the GM to load up on relationships and 2ics and the like.

Page 128, bottom half has the info you want.

Also, I like that Burning Empires makes the assumption that nobody is going to be less than 5 lifepaths old. Of everything it’s that chart that sets the tone for what kind of game everyone is going to play (that’s high powered and ass kicking).