Artha, Greed, and Logging Tests

This came up in this evening’s session:

A player was rolling Stentorious Debate in a DoW and decided to spend the Persona point to dump his 5 Greed dice into the test. (This was a Big Deal argument so that was awesome.) Trouble is… we couldn’t really figure out how to log that test for Greed. I knew what kind of Stentorious Debate test should be logged, and my logic for the Greed side was that we should compare the Greed dice used to the Ob of the test. Does that sound right?

pg 123 under Greed and Routine Tests. “Compare the dice added to your current Greed exponent. The dice used count as the obstacle of the Greed test for advancement.”

Ah, thank you! I was looking for something along those lines furiously, but sometimes it’s hard to find in the heat of battle.

Indeed sometimes it is hard to find in the midst of battle.