Assassins and the Ritualist Skill

I’m tweaking my Assassin’s Belief and Instinct and am trying to tie the Instinct to the Ritualist skill. But, since there are no current class abilities tied to the skill, I’m having a hard time. (Jared S. has told me to be patient, so I am trying to be). Any ideas on how to do a Ritualist Instinct that would “benefit the party” without it being tied to a current class ability? I’m stuck.

I was going to tell you and then you just had to spell my name wrong and ruin it for everyone.

Oops. Corrected, Sir Jared. My apologies. :wink:

The benefit of having an instinct using Ritualist is you could help the cleric in the party if they have a similar instinct.

Ok, a two part response:

  1. How would I earn a fate point reward for using my instinct? Aiding another in their instinct doesn’t earn the fate. Only if my instinct grants me a roll and the outcome benefits the party. (I’ll understand if there may not be a game-mechanic way for a low level Assassin to use a Ritualist instinct with no beneficial ability tied to the skill. If that’s the case, I’ll wait until the higher levels. No big deal.)

  2. This is actually a side question, a clarification of the above rule. It says if the “outcome benefits the party.” What if I fail the roll and the GM gives me a condition to gain the positive result? Or does a twist that ends up working in the party’s favor (for example, a second skill test that is succeeded). Do I earn the fate even though I failed the roll? We’ve been questioning this. We’re playing it as a success earns and a fail does not and that makes sense. But the rule’s wording leaves some wiggle room there and we were wondering the actual intent.

  1. If your failed test results in a condition, congrats. You did the thing and suffered and consequence.