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Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I am looking for a little clarity on Astrology tests. So, I understand the FoRK Astrology idea, but I am confused about a few details.

  1. Is an Astrology test also open-ended, i.e., using the skill to do the things listed in the Obs section of the skill? If so, is it also open-ended both ways; for example, using astrology to create a horoscope?
  2. When FoRKing Astrology, is the “FoRK” dice open-ended, or is the whole roll?

Thanks again, and sorry if this is clarified somewhere in the Codex or in the forums and I missed it.

The default for a die is that it isn’t open ended. I am not aware of any explicit statement that an ordinary Astrology roll is open ended so it seems to follow the default. p.258 does states that, a linked test with Astrology is not open ended; however as this follows the statement that an Astrology FoRK is open ended, I read it as a confirmation that only FoRKs are open ended rather than a statement that only Astrology linked tests aren’t.

p.257 states “the Astrology FoRK die is different from other FoRKs: The die is open ended”. So, I read it as only the Astrology die; we roll it separately afterwards for maximum “do the stars love you?” lols.

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  1. No.

  2. Just the die; track which one (or two for exponent 7+) comes from Astrology.


Yes, I thought about the linked test after I posted the question and came to a similar conclusion, but wanted some verification of my logic. The only thing that makes me reconsider this conclusion is the “power” associated with the Astrology skill when looking at the Obs. for the various tasks. The capacity to essentially see into the future is supernatural, AND other instances are open-ended. The other issue is context. I am running a Burning Song of Ice and Fire campaign with little to no magic, so Astrology is an incredibly powerful skill in this setting. So, I agree with the conclusions here, but considering keeping the open-ended roll to reflect a setting specific “common magic.”

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“The Thief is in the Moonmaid; it’s a good time for a man to take a wife.” That doesn’t sound like supernatural knowledge of the future to me (at least, the knowledge isn’t supernatural the way a premonition might be, for instance). It’s looking into a future like a weather forecast is looking into the future.

Also, be sure that players color in their FoRKs with Astrology! You want to be hearing what the celestial alignment is and why it’s auspicious. Should make for fun failure results!


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