Asymmetric action table


yesterday we noticed that the TB action table (p. 72) is asymmetric and differs from MG version. Now it looks like faint is a good strategy for the GM. Players using faint are still in trouble vs. attack.

What are your experiences with that new action table?

EDIT: Just noticed that this new action table might be from New Mission-Book from the Mouse Guard box. So more people could possibly have experience with it.


As I took part in the game, we finally cracked it after you left; both parties need to look at the table, with themselves on the left hand side, to determine what they should do. Thus, for example, if the GM Feints and the players Defend, you read the table for the GM to find an “I” and for the players to find a “-”. Our mistake was thinking that the table should be read only once, applying the result to both sides.

You scared the crap out of me there.

I don’t recommend anyone faint at the table.

crosses “Nitrous Oxide tank & mask” off of Torchbearer gaming equipment list


I knew it; I’m doing it wrong.