At Sea

At Sea
You were raised aboard a ship and know the seas better than the back of yer own hand.

Skills: Pathfinder, Carpenter, Sailor
Traits: Sea Legs, Scarred

All aboard, for adventure!
Avast, me hearties. You’ve set sail for fame, fortune and glory but now you’re looking at a week under the blazing sun, the salt sea and the cries of gulls. Pull your weight, boyo, or you’ll be stripped to the waist, tied to a yardarm and lashed with a cat o’ nine tails!

Available Locations
Tavern (anywhere near a cask of rum), Street (on the deck, napping under the stars), Stables (belowdecks, with the rats), Flophouse (bunking with the crew), Hotel (ah, the Captain’s Quarters!)

Alignment: Unaffiliated (Merchant ship), Law (Naval ship), Chaos (Pirate ship)

Need some special town events…

I don’t know ANYTHING better than my own… wait…

Love it. We need more weird not-town-towns.