Attacking Action Controversy Part 2

So how would you play out something where the goal isn;t to defeat the opponent but on to stalemate, at least till reinforcements arrive? Something like the Battle of Helm’s Deep? The goal was to stay alive and defend the fortress not destory the orc army.

I think they would get a boost to defense due to the fortress? Then perhaps a second group of cavalry would join the conflict after 3 rounds, who had a bonus to attack. But if the cavalry didn’t show, could the orc army withdraw in a stalemate after 6 turns or something and leave the conflict in a stalemate where one side would only defend?

Thanks for the other examples though, it really helps get used to this way of roleplaying. :wink:

Change the type of conflict. When my players had to dislodge a badger that had made its home on their side of the scent border, it was a Chase conflict to lure the badger outside of the territories, rather than a Fight Animal conflict (the badger was beyond them is that arena). Use a conflict type appropriate to the situation.

Simple, in the case of Helm’s Deep, the orc goal is to kill everyone. The human goal is to hold until relieved. Humans won, but with a moderate to major compromise (LOTS of people, including a few major NPC’s, died; the Orc deaths to that point are story factor, not mandated by rules, but clearly accepted as part of the compromise to advance the fiction.