Available now: Print Copies of The Vagrant's Guide

We’re shipping print copies of The Vagrant’s Guide to Surviving the Wild, the largest, most lavishly illustrated Torchbearer Sagas release to date!

You’ll get a free PDF to the drivethru account of your choice when you order.

Look at these reviews:

“A double handful of new town types and destinations, an assortment of new stocks and classes, an exciting alternate set of rules that breathe life into your mounts and make them more than just another boring piece of equipment. Every page of this book is a treasure trove.” — Dave J.

"If you want to expand your torchbearer game into a greater world, and create the same grit and danger as the dungeons, this is the book to buy. " —Brant M.

“Fantastic addition to a fantastic RPG. Well worth the price.” —Shane E.

The Vagrant’s Guide to Surviving the Wild is a Torchbearer RPG supplement for travelers in the wilderness. The nearby ruins are now emptied—picked clean by freebooters and ne’er-do-wells who improved their lot with plundered treasure. If you’re going to join their ranks, that means finding loot that nobody’s gotten to, and that means you’ve got a long slog ahead of you.

The Vagrant’s Guide contains:

  • A highly-detailed new conflict for overland journeys: The Expedition
  • Four new character classes destined for life on the road
  • Mounts and pack animals with a mind of their own
  • New containers, gear, weapons, armor, vehicles and spells
  • Nine far-flung new settlements, complete with town phase maps
  • Over 200 menacing threats to harry your adventurers
  • 17 new full monster stat blocks, including trainable gryphons and drakes
  • 20 weird and wondrous magical items
  • And a sample adventure, Cake for the Countess, to tie it all together!

Now updated to include the Delver’s Guide to Surviving the Underworld , an expansion to the Vagrant’s Guide rules by Jared Sorensen! Delver’s includes:

  • The madcap Kobold Breacher class
  • Subterranean Beasts: the cave spider, dire beetle and riding bat
  • Two new destination settlements: Kobold Mining Camp and Dark Elf Grotto
  • New skills and special new lighting gear: the candelabrum
  • A new territory for expedition conflicts: Cavernous Underworld

This sounds like it will slide pretty easily into 2e? Anything to be wary of?

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Some of the recent reviewers have said there are no issues at all.

A couple of minor things come to mind:

  • Fatigue is now weariness in 2e. No mechanical change necessary.
  • The TB loot tables have changed, so references to Loot Table 1 and 2 just need to use the 2e rules.
  • No classes have the Sapper skill, but they wouldn’t have anyway.
  • Some gear differs from 2e versions, but many groups have just been hybridizing the two. Vagrants does more with animals, 2e does more with space.

The real meat of the book—the expedition, mounts, and towns—all works in 2e. All the developers of this book were 2e playtesters.


I haven’t really gone through the books looking specifically for issues. The bulk of what I’ve used the book for has been Mordite’s “Expedition Phase” which at least at a first pass is a drastically different take on getting from point A to point B than what’s included in the Lore Master’s Manual. My game has already invested pretty heavily in Mordite’s version though, and I really like it.

Everything else that I’ve come across has been really easy to combine though. The only real contradiction I’ve stumbled onto was a hard line disagreement between what the carrying capacity of small and large chests should be.

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