What is an average stat: 3 or 4?

3.5? I believe the MonBu talks about this but I think the intent is that the average person will be rolling around with most stats at three and one or two at four. Generally speaking, twos and threes are low, threes and fours are average, and fours and fives are above average. There’s some overlap, don’t worry too much about it.

I use 4s.

I use 4s for the Physical and 3s for the Mental.

Everyone’s a jock!

Damn straight, nerd.

I suppose that’d make being a jock average.

In the middle ages? Yeah, probably. Well, at least in the sense that your ability to perform strenuous physical labor was directly tied to your ability to eat.

You can perform strenuous physical labor without being a jock. Specially if you don’t eat really well, like most peasants did.

Threes and fours according to concept, which I judge at the moment of needing the stat, I guess. A shopkeeper will have a 4 Will, and likely a 3 Speed. A soldier will be like Kublai’s jock, but a scribe will have a 4 Per and Agl, maybe, and 3s in all else.